NYE 2022


Meet Neilson, of the longest-standing bar staff at Justin Lane. Introduced to the restaurant by a staff member and friend in 2020, Neilson began his journey in the takeaway section. Over a year and a half, he immersed himself in kitchen prep and takeaway duties, becoming intimately familiar with the menu. After a brief detour into an electrician apprenticeship, Neilson followed his heart back to Justin Lane, this time behind the bar, all for the love of the craft.

Driven by a spirit of fun and adventure, Neilson embraced bartending and sought to expand his knowledge of cocktail creation and the history of alcohol. With the guidance of General Manager and cocktail connoisseur Johnny Hall, he honed his skills and unleashed his creativity, resulting in two feature cocktails under his belt: the playful Valentine’s Day concoction “The Lovers Club” and last month’s crowd-pleaser, “The Rumington.”

When asked to capture the spirit of Justin Lane in a cocktail, Neilson identifies two vibrant concoctions: the refreshing Lychee Daze and the spirited Southpaw. These drinks embody the diversity that Justin Lane proudly offers, appealing to different tastes and personalities.

But beyond his mixology prowess, Neilson’s infectious energy and jovial nature create an atmosphere of pure joy at Justin Lane. For him, bartending is all about creating a lively and welcoming environment where customers can relax, unwind, and have a great time.

Neilson’s journey from the takeaway shop to the heart and soul of the bar exemplifies the power of doing what you love for the sheer joy it brings. At Justin Lane, his creative touch and playful approach to mixology make every sip a delightful experience.

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