Lilly’s tenure at Justin Lane has given her a unique insight into the restaurant’s evolution and what makes it such a beloved spot in the Gold Coast dining scene. With almost three years under her belt, Lilly has seen the venue undergo several changes, including menu renovations and expansions, all while navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In her role as a host and supervisor, Lilly understands the importance of creating a memorable first impression for customers. She takes pride in ensuring that guests are warmly welcomed and introduced to the restaurant’s services and menu offerings, setting the stage for a fantastic dining experience.

When it comes to the menu, Lilly is well-versed in Justin Lane’s extensive selection of dishes. While she finds it challenging to choose a favorite, she has a soft spot for Gnocchi, Burrata, and King Prawns. These classic Italian dishes perfectly embody the restaurant’s commitment to serving authentic and delicious cuisine.

However, when asked about which dish best encapsulates the essence of Justin Lane, Lily had no hesitation in nominating the Seafood Pizza. With fresh toppings like prawns, calamari, and chili this pizza not only reflects the restaurant’s coastal location but also demonstrates Justin Lane’s dedication to using high-quality and locally sourced ingredients.

Overall, Lilly’s experience at Justin Lane has given her a profound appreciation for the restaurant and what it stands for. She believes that it is the perfect spot for a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience, and her enthusiasm for the restaurant is infectious. Her knowledge of the restaurant’s history, menu, and service makes her a valuable asset to the team, and it is clear that she will continue to contribute to Justin Lane’s success for years to come.

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