dig a little deeper into the people behind the scenes at your favourite Burleigh Heads venue.

Jack Street is this month’s human! Jack is our Senior Sous chef, he moved to the Gold Coast from South Hampton at the age of seven and has lived on our beautiful sunny East Coast ever since. Jack started at Justin Lane when he was 19 years old, with a love and passion for the culinary arts and a desire to grow and improve. Since then, Jack has learnt every section of the kitchen starting with larder, pasta, pizza and the pass. His enthusiasm to learn and grow in the kitchen allowed him to rise through the ranks and acquire his current position whilst completing his cert.III in commercial cookery this year! Jack is also responsible for this month’s feature Rigatoni Alla Norma. When asked about his creative processes regarding creating a dish from scratch he explained that he drew inspiration from many cookbooks, new and old. He also worked closely with our Executive Chef Stephen Brand to determine the flavours they wanted to coexist in this marvellous vegetarian pasta.

As previously mentioned, Jack has been with the business for 5 years and as a result, he has witnessed the changes through Covid and the expansion of Justin Lane. Regarding the pasta kitchen being upstairs (before it was moved to our now expanded downstairs kitchen), pasta was made upstairs whilst pizza and other items were made downstairs. Jack reminisced about the times when communication wasn’t as easy as it is in today’s kitchen. “There was a time when we had to radio each other from upstairs kitchen to downstairs kitchen with what items needed to be made for a docket and this wasn’t the easiest thing ever.” He continued by speaking to the family nature of Justin Lane, “The one thing that hasn’t changed is the family aspect of our team. No matter who leaves or stays, we all work as a team.”

In the time in which Jack has worked at Justin Lane, there have been changes throughout the menu. Pizzas have come and gone; items have been upgraded etc. However, the quality and love put into every pizza and pasta have remained the same. When asked what Jack’s favourite dish to make in the JL kitchen was, he replied “Margarita Pizza”. To all reading, I was as well surprised as this is a simpler dish and a highly demanded pizza.

Jack explained, “There is a certain beauty in taking the time with something simple and perfecting each element of it. A beautiful dish doesn’t have to always be complex, if you spend extra time something simple can be just as satisfying.”

When I see a margarita docket come through, I know I can make a simple dish taste more than just “simple”.”

Jack’s dish will be available for the whole month of February. Stay tuned for more humans of Justin Lane

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